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Department of Educational Foundations and Counseling

The Department of Educational Foundations and Counselling was created on 1st March, 1978 following the re-organisation of the existing Department of Education by the University. From that date, the giant Department of Education was split into three new manageable departments. With this new arrangement, the department of Educational Foundations and Counselling was established and given the mandate to teach undergraduate foundation courses in Education in addition to running postgraduate programmes in Philosophy of Education, History of Education, Sociology of Education, Educational Psychology, Comparative Education and Guidance Counselling. Its objective is to prepare those who chose career in teacher education at all levels and to prepare specialists in all areas of educational practices.

For the Bachelor Degree programme in Education, the Department was saddled with the responsibility of housing the B.Sc Education (Social Sciences) programmes of the Faculty of Education. Thus, apart from teaching foundation courses in Education to all Parts II, III and IV Education students, the B.Sc Education (Economics), B.Sc Education (Geography) and B.Sc Education (Political Science) programmes are currently housed in the Department.

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