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The goals and objectives of the Institute of Education are rooted in those defined for Teacher Education on page 33 of the National Policy on Education (1998). The policy states that:
All teachers in education institutions shall be professionally trained. Teacher education programmes shall be structured to equip teachers for effective performance of their duties….Teacher education shall continue to take cognizance of changes in methodology and in the curriculum. Teachers shall be regularly exposed to innovations in the curriculum. Teachers shall be regularly exposed to innovations in the profession (p.33-34).

In recent times, as a result of the Universal Basic Education Scheme, the Education for All Initiatives and the Dakar Framework for Action, the institution is facing some challenges. Among these are:

To increase accessibility particularly to women and girls so that higher education is available
To provide education to the full range of adults who deserve a chance in teacher education, irrespective of their location and work place.
To ensure that the quality of learning for the 21st century in order to improve the life chances of each of their adult learners as individuals and as members of economic, cultural and political communities.
To identify relevant and strategic professional partners among teacher education institutions in the country with ehich to implement innovative teacher education programme through distance learning system.
To do all the above in cost effective ways, cognizance of the implications of globalization on educational provisions.

Accordingly, the goals and objectives of the Institute of Education are:

To produce teachers who are professionally competent and oriented to meet the challenges of the 21st century learners particularly at the early childhood, primary and junior secondary school levels.
To develop and entrench the capacity for critical thinking rather than unquestioning compliance and the professional skills to impact same.
To nurture a commitment to lifelong learning that is creative, innovative and responsive to changes in the world of knowledge and changing needs of the society.
To design and enrich subject content to ensure that the teacher trainee attains a high level of mastery of subject-matter.
To develop a strong research orientation capability and the tradition of the Institute of Education.

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