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Department of Education Technology & Library Studies

The department came into existence in the mid-seventies as an Audio-Visual Centre. Between 1976 and 1978, it provided support services for enriching teaching and research of students and lecturers spreading across different faculties and departments. There are two units in the department i.e. the academic and the technical units.

The technical provides support services like audio, video and photographic coverages of important university events such as: inaugural lectures, convocation ceremonies, congregation and other special public relations event as directed by the Vice-Chancellor. The academic section is responsible for teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The postgraduate programmes that the department teaches are:

(a) M.Ed/M.A. Education (Educational Technology)

(b) M.Phil Education (Educational Technology)

(c) Ph.D. Education (Educational Technology)

The department teaches as well as coordinates some undergraduate courses. The DET 202, An Introduction to Educational Technology and Communications is a Faculty wide compulsory course that the department teaches. The department used to house as well as coordinated the B.Ed. Yoruba Education, B.Ed. Fine Arts Education and B.Ed. Music Education programme.

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