ADEKOMI, Abimbola Ademola

Senior Lecturer


1. Name: ADEKOMI, Abimbola Ademola

2. Date of birth: 2nd March, 1949

3. Place of Birth: Ede

4. Nationality: Nigerian

5. Permanent Address: P. O. Box 30, Odubitan Compound, Ede

6. Current Postal Address: Department of Educational Technology, Faculty of Education, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

7. Name and Address of Next of Kin: Mrs. Caroline Olugbenke Adekomi P. O. Box 30, Ede, Osun-State

8. Phone Number: 08035788220

9. E-mail:

10. Present Position: Senior Lecturer

MY Qualifications

(a) West African School Certificate - Origbo Anglican Grammar School, Origbo-Ife

(b) Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) - Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo

(c) B.Sc. Hon Education (Math/Physics) - University of Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

(d) M.A. Education (Educational Technology) - University of Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

(e) Ph.D (Educational Technology) - Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.


MY Publications

1. Thesis/Dissertation

Adekomi, A. A: Cultural Symbols and Visual Literary Competence Among Form Three Secondary School Students in Osun Area, Oyo State. (1984) Unpublished M. A. Dissertation Submitted to the Department of Educational Technology, University of Ife, Ile-Ife.

Adekomi, A. A.: Effect of Peer Interactive Video taped-Teaching on Performance in Teaching Practice Amongst Teacher-Trainees in Selected subjects at the Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo. (1985): Unpublished Ph.D. Dissertation Submitted to the Department of Educational Technology, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

2. Books/Monographs:

Authored Books /Monographs

Adekomi, A. A. (198840, INSTRUCTIONAL Monograph: Simple and Compound Interest A Programmed Instruction. Text. (National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) Kaduna).

Contribution to Books

Adekomi, A. A. (1993). Educational Radio Broadcasting in Nigeria, The Past, The Present and The Future: Pp in Ipaye B. (ed.) Education in Nigeria: The past, The Present and the Future (A Book in Honor of Prof. Aliu Babatunde Fafunwa). Macmillan Publishers. Pp.393 -397.

Adekomi, A. A. (1993). Educational Technology in the Teaching of Mathematics in Kunle Akanbi and Demola Adekomi (eds.) Educational Technology in Methodologies of Teaching Science. J. A. – Ifeolu Publishers.

Adekomi, A. A. (1999). Education and Social Change in J. O. Akinbi (ed.) Towards Better Nigeria: Reflections on Contemporary Issues in the Socio-Political and Economic Development of Nigeria, Ben Quality Prints, Ibadan.

Adekomi A. A., Oloyede E. O., Bamidele E. F, (2009) Constructivists’ Learning Osuji, Y. A. Ajibade, and E. O. Oloyede (eds) Education for Fullness, Accra Ghana: Damas Educational Services Ltd. Pp 143-156.

Published Articles

Adekomi, A. A. (1986). “Culturally Familiar and Non Familiar Symbolic Messages Effects on Acquisition of Visual Literacy Competence: NAVJ. Vol. 3.

Adekomi, A. A. (1987). Evaluation of Educational Technology in Nigeria Institutions of Higher Learning Process versus Production. Journal of Education Media and Technology (JEMT) Vol. 1, No. 4. Pp. 454 -476.

Adekomi, A. A. (1988). Choice Strategies for the Purchase of Audio-visual Material –A Practical View: Journal of Education Media and Technology (JEMT) Vol. 2, No. 1 (ISBN 0189 – 7012).

Adekomi, A. A. (1992). “Criteria for Computer System Selection for Instruction”. Journal of Educational Media and Technology (JEMT) Vol. 3, No. 1.

Adekomi, A. A. (1997). “The Roles of a Media Programme Director for he Effective Management of a Media Centre”. Ife Journal of Educational Studies: (IJES) Vol. 4, No. 1 (Pp.112-120. Adekomi, A. A. (2006) Prospects and Problems of Internet/Intranet Teaching and Learning: Journal of e-Learning (JOEL), Nigeria, Vol. 2. No. 1.Website: ISSN 1795-3836) Pp 64-82.

Adeyanju, L.J., Adekomi A. A., Oyewusi L., Bada. T., Omotesho, B., Akinpelu, B. (2007) Future Trends of Educational Technology. Journal of Educational Technology Vol 3, No.4, Pp 54-57. Taminadu India: - Manager Publications (E-mail: Publications@imanagerindia)

Oyewusi L. M., Adekomi A. A. (2008). An Evaluation of some problems identified with the implementation of an Educational Innovation: A case study of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Campus Part time Degree Programme. Journal of Applied Education and Vocational Research. Vol. 5 (2) Pp. 100-107.

Adekomi, A. A. , Oloyede, E. O., Bamidele E. F. (2009) Constructivists’ Learning Theory and Instructional Process in the Nigerian Classroom, in S.N. Osuji, Y. A. Ajibade, and E. O. Oloyede (eds) Education for Fullness, Accra Ghana: Damas Educational Services Ltd. Pp 143-156.

Adekomi, A. A., Sofowora A. O., Bada T. A., Oyewusi, L. Adeyanju, L. (2009). The Challenges of Technology-Enhanced Instructional System in Nigeria’ in Siran Murkeji & Purnendu Triparthi, IGI Publications. USA. (Pp.28).

Adekomi, A. A., Sofowora A. O., T. A., Adekomi A. A., Oluwatosin S. A. (@009). The Pedagogical Implication of Information and Communication Technology on Adult Education: A Case Study of the Osun State College of Education, Nigeria. African Research Review: An International Multi-Disciplinary Journal, Ethiopia Vol. 3(5), October, 2009, pp 275 – 289.

Published Conference Proceedings:

Adeyanju I. J., Ajibade Y., Adekomi B., Oyewusi L., Oyeniran M. (2009). Instructional Television Lecture Broadcast: An Innovation in a South Western Nigeria University, in Adagunodo E. R., Adeyanju J. O., and Aderounmu G. A. (eds.) Proceedings: International Conference on ICT Applications.

Adekomi A. A., Sofowora O. A., Adeyanju L. J., (2010). Quality of Multi-Site based Educational Technology Course; “The Perspective of Undergraduate Conference of the Omani Society for Educational Technology, Muscat, Sultanate of OMANI (

Adekomi, A. A.., Bada T. A., Ojo O. A. (2011). Effect of Animated Agricultural Package on Attitude and Performance of Junior Secondary School Students in South West Area, Nigeria. “Mediterranean Journal Social of Sciences – MCSER”.

Research Interests

Adekomi, A. A. (2011). Effects of “Cultural Restriction and Visual Organization on the Observation Ability of Pre-Adolescent Yoruba Children in Selected Primary Schools.

Adekomi, A. A. (2011). Effectiveness of the Application of information and Communication Technology in Science Education.