SHOBOLA, Adeola Ayodeji

Lecturer 1


1. Name: SHOBOLA, Adeola Ayodeji

2. Date: 9th Oct. 1965

3. Place of Birth: Surulere, Lagos

4. Nationality: Nigerian

5. Permanent Home Address: J81, Iredapo Quarters Ile-Ife

6. Current Address: Faculty of Education, O.A.U., Ile-Ife.

7. Name and Address of Next of Kin: Shobola, Olajumoke, J81, Iredapo Qutrs Ile-Ife

8. Phone Number: 08034280072

9. E-mail:

10. Present Position: Lecturer 1

MY Qualifications

(i) Ph.D. Guidance and Counselling, O.A.U., Ile-Ife, 2004

(ii) Master of Arts in Educ. (Guidance and Counselling) O.A.U., Ile-Ife, 1997

iii) B.ED. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria 1992

MY Publications

1. Published Articles:

1) Shobola, A.A. (2007). "Participation in Family Decision Making, Communication and Parenting Style as Correlates of Leadership Development of Nigerian Undergraduate Students. The Counsellor, 25.

2) Shobola, A.A. (2008). "The Study of the Effects of Cognitive Restructuring Therapy on Cigarette Smoking Behaviour of Undergraduates". Ifepsychologia, 16, 1.

3) Ibeagha, P.N. and Shobola, A.A (2008). Influence of Pentecostalism and Psychoeducation on HIV/AIDS Prevention among Young School Age Children (5-9years) in Western Nigeria. Ifepsychologia, 16, 2.

4) Shobola, A.A. (2010). Scrambling for Greener Pastures and Family Disintegration in Nigeria. Ifepsychologia, 18, 1.

5) Shobola, A. A. (2011). Parenting Styles as Predictors of Examination Malpractice in Selected Universities in Nigeria. Ife Journal of Educational Studies. 14, (1), 34-40.

Research Interests

i) Compilation of Indigenous Praises (Oriki) for Treatment of Poor Academic Performance of Students in Primary Schools in Southwestern Nigeria