ALAO, Kayode Ayodeji



1. NAME: ALAO, Kayode Ayodeji

2. DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: 18th June, 1958; Iwo, Osun State

3. NATIONALITY: Nigerian



6. NAME AND ADDRESS OF SPOUSE: Mrs. Tolu Kayode Alao Road 18 House 10B, O. A. U. Senior Staff Quarters,

7. NAME AND ADDRESS OF NEXT OF KIN: Mrs. Tolu Kayode Alao Road 18 House 10B, O. A. U. Senior Staff Quarters,

8. DATE OF ASSUMPTION OF DUTY: 24th October, 1983.



MY Qualifications

(a) Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, September-June, 1982.

(b) Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nov. 1983-Nov., 1985.

(c) Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, October, 1986-April, 1992.

Academic and Professional Qualification with Dates:

(a) B.A. (Hons) Education (Ife) 2nd Class Upper Division - 1983

(b) M.A. (Edu.) Guidance and Counselling, Ife. - 1985

(c) Ph.D. (Edu.) Guidance and Counselling, Ife. - 1992

MY Publications

1. Thesis/Dissertations:

1. Job Satisfaction of the University of Ife Junior Staff in the Technical and Administrative Sectors: Implications for Career Counselling. M.A. Thesis in Guidance and Counselling, 1985.

2. Demographic Variables and Vocational Self-Concept as Correlates of Career Decision-Making among Nigerian University-Undergraduates. Ph.D. Thesis in Guidance and Counselling, 1991.

2. Published Books/Monograph:

1. Makinde, Olu and Alao, Kayode (1987). Profile of Career Education, Signals Educational Services Limited, Ibadan (309 Pages).

2. Aladejana, A.I. and Alao, K.A. (1993). Aliu Babatunde Fafunwa: His Educational Philosophy and Contributions to Nigerian Education. Academy Press Lagos (130 Pages).

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3. Contributions to Books

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* asterisk denotes offshore publications

4. Published Articles

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6. Manuscripts Accepted for Publication:

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7. Manuscripts Submitted for Publication

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Research Interests

Development of Career Guidance Programme Packages for Nigerian Junior and Senior Secondary Schools (University Sponsored Research Code 1423KZ).

Investigation into the Determinants Career Maturity of Oyo State School-Going Adolescents.

Investigation of Psychological Predictions of Problem-Solving Behaviour of Oyo State Secondary School Students.

Preparation of Career Education Movies of School Children.