ADENIYI Wasiu Olasunkanmi

Lecturer II


1. Name: ADENIYI Wasiu Olasunkanmi

2. Date of Birth: 18th October, 1975

3. Place of Birth Ibadan

4. Nationality: Nigerian

5. Permanent Home Address No-69, Agbowoerin Street, St. Mathew Anglican Church, Eleyele, Ile-Ife.

6. Current Postal Address: Department of Educational Foundations and Counselling

7. Name and Address of Next of Kin: Mrs. Abimbola Adeniyi (Wife) As Above

8. Phone: 08038278982

9. E-mail,

10. Date of Assumption of Duty: 3rd October, 2006

11. Present Position: Lecturer II

MY Qualifications

a. Ph.D. (Psychology of Education, in view), Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

b. M. A. Ed (Psychology of Education 2007), Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

c. Bachelor of Education (Social Studies 2002), Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

MY Publications

a. Adeniyi, W.O. (N.D). Emotional intelligence and effective management of classroom behavioural problems of secondary school students in Ile-Ife, Osun State. (Accepted) Ife Journal of Theory and Research in Education.

b. Okewole, J.O., & Adeniyi, W.O. (2010). Emergent Issues and Problems in Early Childhood Education in Nigeria. African Journal of Pure and Applied Science. Akwa-Ibom. Vol. 1, pp 22-27.

c. Akinola, O.B., & Adeniyi, W.O. (2010). Gender and the Education of Opportunities of Visually Impaired Students of Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo, Nigeria. International Journal of Contemporary issues in education.vol. 2, pp.122-132.

d. Adeniyi, W.O. & Okewole, J.O. (2009). A study of strategies of enhancing pupils' friendly multigrade classroom environment. Ife Journal of Theory and Research in Education. vol.12 (1), pp88-97.

e. Omoteso, B.A., Adeniyi, W.O. & Tayo, B. (2009). The influence of HIV/AIDS on behavioural change among undergraduate students of faculty of education Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile- Ife. Journal of Counselling Association of Nigeria (The COUNSELLOR) vol. 27, pp 7-19.

f. Fareo, D.O. & Adeniyi, W. O. (2009). A study of child labour among secondary school children in Ile-Ife, Nigeria. International Journal of Child Education and Gender Studies African . Quidan, Benin Republic. Vol. 1(2), pp19-27.

g. Alao, K. A., & Adeniyi, W.O. (2009). EDU 722: Advanced psychology of learning. National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Nigeria.

h. Ojedokun, O.E., Anise, A.C., & Adeniyi, W.O. (2009). Correlates of cognitive outcomes and affective behaviours of early primary school pupils in Ile-Ife. International Journal of Applied Psychology and Human Performance. Winneba, Ghana. Vol. 2, pp 21-27.

i. Adeniyi, W.O. (2007). Teacher's experience, effectiveness, gender and management of students' classroom behavioural problems in Oyo State. Ife Journal of Educational Studies vol.13. no. 1, pp30-40.

10. Adeniyi, W.O. (2007). A study of management of the classroom behavioural problems in Oyo State. Unpublished M.A. (Ed.) Thesis. Ile-Ife, Obafemi Awolowo University.

Research Interests

a. Assessing the Influence of Personality traits, Emotional intelligence and Administrative Effectiveness of Secondary School Principals (PhD thesis)

b. The Albert Bandura's Theory of Social Learning: An Implication for Early Childhood Education.

c. The Influence of Knowledge of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) on Sexual Behaviour of First Year Undergraduate Students of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State.