Lecturer I





MY Qualifications

i. First School Leaving Certificate (1975)

ii. West African School Certificate in Examination (1975-1980)

iii. Grade II Certificate (1982)

iv. Nigeria Certificate in Education (1987)

v. Bachelor Degree in Social Studies Education (1990)

vi. M.Ed Educational Management (1997)

vii. Diploma in Computer Science (2007)

viii. Ph.D. Educational Management (2008)

MY Publications

1. Thesis/Dissertation

i. Fashiku, C.O (2008), Relationship between Management Information System and Organizational Effectiveness in Nigerian Colleges of Education. Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis, department of Educational Management Faculty of Education University of Ilorin, Ilorin.

ii. Fashiku, C.O. (1997). Relationship between leaders’ communication styles and lecturers’ job performance in Kwara State Colleges of Education. Unpublished M.Ed. Thesis, department of Educational Management Faculty of Education University of Ilorin, Ilorin.

iii. Fashiku, C.O. (1990). Bridge ends; the center of socio economic activities; case study of Jebba and Jimetta bridges in Kwara and Kogi States. Unpublished B.Ed. Project, department of Social Studies Faculty of Education, Ahmadu Bello, University Zaria.

2. Books/Monographs

A. Authored Books

I. Fashiku, C.O. (2005), Introduction to Citizenship of Education, Ilorin Integrity publications.

II. Fashiku, C.O. and Afolabi, S.O. (1999), Fundamental of Citizenship Education, Vol I, Ilorin. Benjames Publications.

III. Fashiku, C.O. and Afolabi, S.O. (2000), Fundamentals of Citizenship Education. vol II, Ilorin, Integrity Publication.

  B. Edited Books

i. Fashiku, C.O. (2004), The Political Economy in Globalization, Privatization and Commercialization. Pp. 116-130. Adebayo M.S and Ajayi, B.T (Edt) in fundamental of Political Economy. Ilorin, Arifem Printers. ii. Fashiku, C.O. (2009), Student – Teachers and Teaching Practice Ethics. Pp 25- 29, in Abdulkareem, A.Y. A guide to Teaching Practice for Student – Teachers and Supervisors; Ilorin, Adesesan Graphic press.

C. Contribution to Books

i. Fashiku, C.O. and Jimoh, K.I. (2000), Communication System in Nigeria. Pp. 322- 335. Aliu Badmus and Sheu Saleeman. A general Introduction to the Social Sciences for Undergraduates, Ilorin, Alimus Poly consult.

ii. Fashiku, C.O and Taiwo B.M (2000), Principle of Educational Management. pp. 194-205, Aliyu Badmus and Odediran No Edt in General Introduction to Theory and Practice of Education for undergraduates, Ilorin Almus Poly Consults.

iv. Fashiku, C.O (2005), Moral Education for Nigerian Schools. Pp1-114. Akande, F.F and Jawondo A.S. Edt: A Publication of Directorate of General Studies in Education. Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin, Ilorin. Arifem Printers.

3(a). Published Articles

(i) Fashiku, C.O. (1999) History of Supervision of instruction in Nigeria in Nigeria Schools: Ilorin Journal of Arts and Social Sciences. Vol 2 (1) pp286-289

(ii) Fashiku, C.O. (1999) Motivation Factors and Job Performance of Teachers in Nigeria School System: Nigeria Educational Digest Vol. 4 (1)pp163-180

(iii) Fashiku, C.O. (2000). Need for Effective Management of continuous assessment in Schools: Ilorin Journal of Teacher Education Vol 1 (1)pp 124-134

(iv) Fashiku, C.O. (2000). The role of motivation in Effective Music Performance in the School. The Guard Rattle Journal of Musicology 1 (1)pp 130-137

(v) Fashiku, C.O. (2000). An Analysis of environment as a Resource in Formal Education African Journal of Information Technology (AJIT) Vol. 6 (1) pp 45-49

(vi) Fashiku, C.O. (2000). Motivation and Job Satisfaction among Private Secondary School Teachers in Ilorin Metropolis, Ilorin Journal of Teacher Education Vol.1 (2) pp118-127

(vii) Fashiku, C.O. (2002). Influence of Nursery Education on Junior Secondary Students’ Academic Performance in Irepodun Local Government Area of Kwara State. University of Ilorin Institute Journal of Studies in Education. Vol. 1 (4) pp 52-60

(viii) Fashiku, B.C & Fashiku, C.O. (2003). Enhancing Lecturer’ Job Performance through leaders communication Styles in Kwara State Colleges of Education. Oro Journal of Arts Social Science. Vol 1 (1) pp45-54

(ix) Fashiku, C.O. (2004). Proprietorship influence on Pupils Academic Performance in National Common Entrance Examination in Ilorin West Local Government Area of Kwara State. African Journal of Information Technology (AJIT) Vol. 6 (2) pp204-208

(x) Fashiku, C.O. (2004). The implication of theories ‘X’ ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ to Educational Management. Nigerian Educational Digest Vol. 8(1) pp 126-134

(xi) Fashiku, C.O. (2006). Gender influence on Head Teachers Administrative Performance in Ifelodun Local Government Primary Schools. Nigerian Educational Digest Vol: 9 (1). Pp 172-180

(xii) Fashiku, C.O. (2006). Menace of Examination Malpractice: A case study of Ilorin West LGA Secondary Schools. Journal of Curriculum Studies and Instruction Vol. 7 (1&2).

(xiii) Abdulkareem A.Y and Fashiku. C.O. (2008). A Comparative Analysis of Management Information System utilization for Organizational Effectiveness in Colleges of Education Nigeria. International. Journal of Educational Management (IJEM). Unilorin, Ilorin. Pp 135-143

(xiv) Akinubi, O.P., S. Oyeniran, Fashiku, C.O & I.A. Durosaro (2012). Principal’s Personal Characteristics and Conflict Management in Kwara State Secondary Schools, Nigeria. International Journal of Academic Research in Business and social Sciences Vol. 2(6), Pakistan. Pp 167-174.

(xv) Akinubi, O.P, C.O. Gbadeyan, Fashiku, C.O & J. Kayode (2012). Effective Communication: A Tool for Improvement of Secondary School Management. Journal of Education practice vol. 3(7), United State. Pp 105-110

(xvi) Abdulkareem, A.Y, Alabi, A.T, Fashiku, C.O & Akinubi, O.P (2012). Management Information System and Senior Staff Job Performance in Polytechnics, Kwara State, Nigeria. Journal of Education and Practice vol. 3(5), United State. Pp 60-65

b. Published Conference Proceeding: None

4. Manuscript Accepted for Publications

i. Fashiku C. O, Olofinniyi O. E, Akinubi O. P & Fashiku B. C. (in press), School Size and Head Teachers’ Administrative Effectiveness in Ilorin Metropolis Secondary Schools. Online Journal of Education and Social Sciences research, Sapienza University, Rome. Italy

ii. Akinubi, O.P, Olowoookere, F.I & Fashiku, C.O (in press). School location, facilities and Students’ academic performance in Osun State Public Secondary Schools. Asian Journal of Management Science & Education (AJMSE), JAPAN

iii. Olofinniyi, O.E, Fashiku, C.O, Fashiku, B.C & Owombo, P.T (in press). Access to GSM and Students’ Academic Performance in Secondary Schools of Osun State, Nigeria. Online Journal of Social Sciences Research. Online Research Journal, Nigeria.

iv. Olofinniyi, O.E, Fashiku, C.O, Owombo, P.T & Koledoye, G.F (in press). Impact of school Administrators’ supervisory practices and teachers job performance in public and private secondary schools in Ondo State, NIgeria Rome. Italy

Research Interests

Educational Planning