EJIEH, Michael Ugochukwu Chukwuemeka



1. Name: EJIEH, Michael Ugochukwu Chukwuemeka

2. Date of Birth: 27th December 1946,

3. Place of Birth: Nise, Awka South LGA

4.. Nationality: Nigerian

5. Permanent Address: St. John’s Church, Nise, Awka South LGA

6. Current Postal Address: Faculty of Education, OAU, IleIfe

7. Name and Address of Next of Kin: Mrs. Ngozi E. Ejieh, Oduduwa College, Ile-Ife Moremi High School, Ile-Ife

8. Phone Number(s): 08037061878; 08126425686; 08053857377

9. E-Mail:

10. Present Position: Professor

MY Qualifications

i. B.A. Education (Ife), 1974

ii. M. A. Education (Lanc) 1979

iii. Ph. D Educational Planning (Ife) 1983

MY Publications

(a) Edited Books/Journals: Journal of Education and Society Vol. II No.2, & Vol. III, No. I

(b) Contribution to Books

(i) Ejieh, M.U.C., and Osuji. S.N. (1978). Educational interests and needs of University of Ife Extra-Mural Students In Oduaraqn, A.B., and Eheazu BA. (Eds.) Issues in Nigeria Adult and Community Development Education. Benin City Nigerian National Council for Adult Education, pp.192-201

Published Articles

(iii) Ejieh, M.U C (1984) Wastages in Nigerian Secondary Education: A Case Study. Journal of Education Developing Areas, Vol III, October, pp 49-52.

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(b) Published Conference Proceedings

(xxv) Ejieh, M.U.C. (1996). Instructional Practices and Supervision in Primary Schools in CA. Ajayi and J. A. Akinwumiju (eds) Personnel Performance and Capacity Building. Proceedings of the Training Workshop on Personnel Performance and Capacity Building for Ondo/Ekiti States Primary Education Boards, Pp 60-74.

(c) Published Book Reviews

(xxvi) Ejieh, M.U.C. (1979). Review of University Development in Africa: The Nigerian Experience by V.C. Ike. and Educational and Power in Nigeria: A Study of University Student by Beckett and James O’Connel. Higher Education.VoI 6. No 3, May 1979. (Amsterdam

4. Other Publications:

(i) Ejieh, M.U.C. (1988) ‘Planning in Teacher Education Role of Foundation Courses in Teacher Education: Proceedings of the Inaugural Conference of Educational Foundations Association of Nigeria, Held at the University of Jos, 30th August — 2nd September, 1988, pp. 163-173.

(ii) Ejieh, M.U.C. (1989). “Establishing and Maintaining Standards in Senior Secondary Schools: Some Implications for Planning in Omatseye, J.N. (Ed.) Quality in Nigerian Education pp 47-53.Published for the Philosophy of Education Association o Nigeria(PEAN) by Supreme Ideal Publishers, International Ltd Benin City.

(iii) Ejieh, M.U.C. (2001) Effective management of schools for compulsory education. In Current sues in Educational Management in Nigeria Benin. Nigerian Association for Educational Administration and planning, pp 38-47

5. Manuscripts Submitted for Publication:

(i) Planning Education for Self-Reliance. Relevance of the National Policy on Education

(ii) Concerns of Nigerian pre-service teachers and their implications for teacher education.

Research Interests

My current area of research focuses on the use of Hypermedia-Based Instructional Package for improving performance Fine Arts students in the secondary schools in Nigeria.