OLOYEDE, Ezekiel Ojo

Senior Lecturer


1. Name: OLOYEDE, Ezekiel Ojo

2. Date 2nd May, 1950

3. Place of Birth: lyin-Ekiti, Ekiti State,

4. Nationality: Nigerian .

5. Permanent Address: 52, Owolabi Street, Oketoro Quarters P.O. Box 271, Iyin – Ekiti.

6 Current Postal Address: Department of Special Education and Curriculum Studies, Faculty of Education, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife

7. Name and Address of Next of Kin: Mrs. A. O. OLOYEDE 52, Owolabi Street, Oketoro Quarters, P. 0. Box 271, lyin-Ekiti.

8. Phone Numbers: 08057079831, 08037935281

9. E-Mail:

10. Present Position: Senior Lecturer

MY Qualifications

(a) The Nigerian Certificate of Education (N.C.E. Maths/Physics), Ondo.

(b) B.Sc. (Ed.) Hons. (Mathematics), Ile-Ife

(c) M.A. (Curriculum Studies-Maths), Ile-Ife

(d) Ph.D. (Curriculum Studies -Maths), Ile-Ife

MY Publications


(i) Oloyede, E. O. Mathematics Instructional Methods and Materials in the Classroom. O.A.U. Press Ltd., Ile-Ife, Nigeria (2007).

(ii) Oloyede, E. O. Mathematics Methods of Instruction. One of the books in the Ife Series in Educational Studies by Macmillan Nigeria Publishers Ltd. (In Press).

(b) Contributed to books:

(i) Oloyede, E.O.: The cognitive and Affective Outcomes of using Mathematical Instructional Games for the Teaching of Mathematics in the Nigerian Secondary School Classroom for Sustainable National Development. Book of Readings on Education, Environment and Sustainable Development. edited by Obidi, Afolabi, Adelabu and Kobiowu. Published by Cardinal Crest Ltd., Ibadan, Nigeria, 1998, pp. 367-384.

(ii) Oloyede, E. O. and Ajibade, Y. A.: Promoting Societal Development Through an Interdisciplinary Approach to Content Selection and Organisation in the Teaching of Mathematics and Language Skills., Studies in Contemporary Socio-Economic and Educational Problems in the Developing World: Nigeria as a Case Study. Edited by Olusi Janet and Kobiowu, S. V., I Universe, Inc. New York, 2008, pp. 95-103.

(iii) Kobiowu, S. V. and Oloyede, E. O.: Truancy in School as a Social Problem. Studies in Contemporary Socio-Economic and Educational Problems in The Developing World: Nigeria as a Case Study. Edited by Olusi Janet and Kobiowu, S. V., I Universe Inc. New York, 2008, pp. 5-10.

(iv) Oloyede, E. O. : Principles of Motivation In the classroom: in Education for fullness : (2nd edition) Edited by Osuji, S. N. , Ajibade, Y. A. and Oloyede E. O. Damas Educational Services Ltd. Accra, Ghana, 2009, pp1-8.

(v) Science Education and Technological Development In Nigeria: in Education for Fullness, (2nd edition): Edited by Osuji, S. N. , Ajibade, Y. A. and Oloyede E. O. Damas Educational Services Ltd. Accra, Ghana, 2009, pp131-142

(c ) Published Articles:

(i) Oloyede, E.O. (1988) "Revisiting the Derivational Techniques of Two Old Secondary Level Mathematics Formulae" Journal of Ondo State Mathematics Association (JOSMA) Vol. 1(2) pp. 11-15.

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(C) Published Conference Proceedings:

Oloyede, E. O. (1991) Examination Malpractices in Mathematics and Other School Subjects in Nigeria: A Critical Review and Suggestions for Curbing Recurrence. 1991 Conference Proceedings of Ife Curriculum Improvement Group on National Policy on Education Implementation Prospects, 128-150.

(d) Manuscripts Accepted for Publication:

(i) Oloyede, E. O. and Ojo, A. A. (2006) "Enhancing Students' Cognitive Achievement In Mathematics Through Co-Operative f and Competitive Instructional Strategies. International journal ? of Research in Education. Ikot Epene. Vol 3 (2).

(ii) Agboola, O. S. and Oloyede, E. O. (2007) "Effects if Project, Inquiry and Lecture -demonstration Teaching methods on Senior Secondary Students 'Achievement In Separation of Mixtures Practical Test. Educational Research and Review. Vol. 2 (6) 124 - 132. (Available online at http.// ISSN 1990 - 3839 @ 2007 Academic Journals).

Works In Preparations:

(i) Oloyede, E.O, Ajibade, Y. A. and Adeleke, M. A. "The Nigerian language Policy and Achievement In Mathematics Among Secondary School Students.

(ii) Oloyede, E. O: Preservice Interms and preparation for Good Teaching During Internship. .

Research Interests

Presently looking into types of culturally relevant Mathematics; Instructional Games (MIC) and Other Instructional Processes that could bring about mathematically creative thoughts in learners of mathematics in Secondary and Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria. This is in line with my main research focus of Selection of African Indigenous Materials to teach mathematics so as to make the subject familiar to the Nigerian Child than hitherto.