OJEDIRAN Isaac Ayodele

Assistant Lecturer


1. Name: OJEDIRAN Isaac Ayodele

2. Date of Birth: 3rd January, 1972

3. Place of Birth: Ile-Ife

4.. Nationality: Nigerian

5. Permanent Home Address: Plot 18, Adesanya Estate, Old Ibadan Road, Ife

6. Current Postal Address Dept. of Spec. Edu. & Curr. Studies,.O.A.U Ile-Ife.

7. Name and Address of Next of Kin: Mrs. Juliet Adelanke Ojediran as in (6) above

8. Phone Number (s): 08037246004 or 08056639269

9. E- mail:

10. Present Position: Assistant Lecturer

MY Qualifications

i. Master of Science (Technology Management): O.A.U Ile-Ife

ii. Bachelor of Science Education (Physics): O.A.U Ile-Ife

iii. National Certificate in Education (Physics/Chemistry): A.C.E, Ondo

MY Publications

(1) Thesis/Dissertation:

Ojediran, I.A. (2010). The use of Information and Communication and Technology in Pharmaceuticals Product Marketing in Southwestern, Nigeria. Unpublished M.Sc Thesis, Ile-Ife: Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife. Nigeria.

(a) Contributions to Books

Adesina, B. A.; Salami, M. O.; Awopetu, E. O, & Ojediran, I. A. (2010). Instructional Resources. In O. J. Ehindero, O. O. Dibu – Ojerinde & Y. A. Ajibades (Eds.), Curriculum and the Teaching Process (pp 51-62 ). Accra, Ghana: Damas Educational Services Limited.

(b). Published Articles:

i. Adediwura, A . A., Bada, T . A. & Ojediran, I.A. (2008). Nigerian Secondary School Teachers Perception of Standard Referenced Assessment: Nigerian Journal of Educational Research and Evaluation. 8, (3), 25-39.

ii. Ehindero, S. A. and Ojediran, I . A. (2009). Cognitive Dissonance and Deutro- Learning Strategies among Yoruba Speaking Nigerian Children. The International Journal of Learning.16, (10), 233- 240.

iii. Adediwura, A. A. and Ojediran, I. A (2010). A Comparative Study of the Effect of Formative and Summative Evaluative Feedbacks on Students Self- Efficacy. African Research Review. 4, (1), 491- 505. Ethiopia

iv. Bamidele, E. F., Delphonso, B. T. & Ojediran, I. A. (2011). Using the Mother Tongue ( Yoruba Language ) as Supplementary Instructional Medium in the Teaching of Integrated Science in the Junior Secondary Schools in Osun state. CIRSD International Journal of Education. Accra, Ghana.

Research Interests

i.Salami, M. O., Adeleke M. A. & Ojediran I. A., (A Survey of Process Skills Used by the beginning year one Biology and Physics Students in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

ii. Kobiowu, S. V., Ojediran, I. A. & Adeniyi, W. O. ( The Socio- Economic Implications of a Degraded Environment and the Threat to World Food Safety.

iii. Ojediran, I. A. The Influence of Information and Communication Technology on the Teaching and Learning of Physics Concepts in Nigeria Secondary Schools.

iv. Ojediran, I. A. The Impact of a Laboratory- Based Instructional Intervention on The Learning Outcomes of Low Performing Physics Students In Osun State Senior Secondary Schools