BABALOLA Adejoke Clara

Assistant Lecturer


NAME: BABALOLA Adejoke Clara

2. DATE OF BIRTH: 27th January, 1973;

3. PLACE OF BIRTH Agbeye Odo-Otin L G

4. NATIONALITY: Nigerian

5. Permanent Address: Dept. of Cont. Education, Fac. of Education, O.A.U.

6. Current Postal Address: same as above

7. NAME AND ADDRESS OF NEXT OF KIN: Dr E. T. Babalola Department of English, OAU, Ile-Ife

8. Phone Number: +2348034978583

9. E-mail:

10. PRESENT POSITION: Assistant Lecturer

MY Qualifications

BA. Ed Adult Education/ Administration MA Adult Education .

MY Publications

1. Thesis/Dissertation :

i. Babalola, A. C.(2004) Functional Communication as a factor in self Help Development Project among Adults in Osun State, Nigeria (1985-1999). An Unpublished Master’s Thesis Department of Continuing Education, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife

ii. Adegoke, A. C. (1998)The problems of Administration Of Adult Education Programmes in Osun State. An Unpublished B. A. Degree Project in Adult Education,

2. Books/Monographs:

List in this order Date, Page, Reference and Publisher:

a. Authored Books : Nil

b. Edited Books: Nil

c. Contribution to Books:

(i) Akande, J.O.; Babalola, A.C. & Aboderin, A.M. (2009). Patriarchy and Rural Women Participation in Basic Literacy Education in Nigeria: Implication for Adult Counselling Services, In Afolabi, E.R.I, Popoola, B.I. & Ojo, O.O. (Eds) Readings In Education for National Development, (A publication of Department of Educational Foundations and Counselling, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife) Pp. 53-62

3. (a). Published Articles:

(ii) Babalola A.C., Obilade, O. O. and Babalola E.T. (2006) ‘The Place of Functional Communication in Self –Help Development Projects among Adults in Osun State, Nigeria (1985-1999)’ in Ghana Journal of Literacy and Adult Education, Volume 3, No. 1 pp. 131 – 141.

(iii) Akande, J.O., Babalola, A.C. & Aboderin, A.M. (2008). Understanding and Utilizing Adult Learners’ Socio-Cultural Climate: A Lesson for Adult and Community Educators in Nigeria, In International Journal of Literacy Education, (A publication of Department of Adult Education, University of Ibadan, Ibadan), Vol. 5. No.1. January-June Pp. 125-132. .

Research Interests

(i) Literacy Education and Rural Women Involvement in Community development in Osun State: A Social Capital Perspective

(ii) An Assessment of the Level of Awareness of Road Users to Traffic Rules and Regulations on Nigerian Roads: Implication for Literacy Education.