ADERINTO John Adegboye



Name: ADERINTO John Adeboye

2. Date and Place of Birth: 22/11/45, Ogbomosho

3. Nationality: Nigerian

4. Permanent Address: Department of Continuing Education Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife.

5. Current Postal Address: Same as Above.

6. Name and Address of Next of Kin: Mrs. C. O. Aderinto H. O. Library Obafemi Awolowo University. Ile-Ife.

7. Phone Number(s): 08033262733

8. E-mail:

MY Qualifications

(a) Grade II Teachers’ Certificate (1971) Niger Baptist College

(b) G.C.E. (London O’Level) 1971

(c) G.C.E (Advanced Level) 1972

(d) B.Sc. (History) Bolivar, Missouri, 1977

(e) M.R.E. (Religious Education) New Orleans, Louisiana, 1979

(f) Ph. D (Adult and Continuing Education) Denton Texas, 1983

(g) Diploma, (Advanced Leadership Training) Haggai Institute Singapore, 1990.

(h) Certificate, (Leadership and Project Management)International Literacy Training Institute Tulsa, Oklahoma 2001

(i) Certificate, (Literacy Coordinator, Capable of Organizing and Supervising a Literacy Programme and Training Literacy Teachers) International Literacy TrainingInstitute, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and The United Bible Societies, Accra, Ghana. October, 2003 .

MY Publications


Aderinto, J.A. (1983), “Factors Influencing Nigerian Adults to Participate in the Educational Programmes of the Nigerian Baptist Convention Which Lead to the First School-Leaving Certificate”, (Ph.D. Dissertation), North Texas State University, Denton Texas, U.S.A.


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Other Publications

1. Aderinto, J. A. (2001) “An Analytical Influence of Adult Religious Education on Adult Educators Performance”, The Nigerian Journal of Industrial Education and Labour Relations, Vol.4. No. 1. June. (Department of Adult Education, University of Ibadan).

Paper Submitted For Publication

1. Aderinto, J. A. (2008) “The Dreaded Monster Called Retirement: A Case Study of Older Nigerian Priests and Its Implication for Adult Education and Library Services” International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences.

Papers and Work in Preparation

1. Aderinto, J.A., “Motivation Typology of Nigerian Women Returning to Schools for Further Education”.

2. Aderinto, J.A., “The Role of Adult Religious Education in Building an Ideal Christian Family”.

3. Aderinto, J.A., Effective Use of Primers in the Teaching of Literacy in Adult Education Programmes” .

Research Interests

A research Project titled: Adult Learning Theories, Application, and Implementation for Developing Nations is currently being undertaking with the support and collaboration with a State University in the United States of America.